Snapchat’s ‘dynamic ads’ rolls out worldwide

Previously, the service was only available in the US

Photo: Screenshot/Snapchat Website
  • Dynamic Ads brings automated personalization to the ads;
  • It’s focused on e-commerce retailers.

Snapchat announced today that its new advertising product, Dynamic Ads, is available worldwide. The ad product was first introduced in October 2019 for e-commerce retailers in the US. Dynamic Ads brings automated personalization to the ads since Snap provides a variety of mobile-ready templates.

Photo: Screenshot/Snapchat website

According to Snap, “successful brands tapping into the buying power of Millennials and Gen Z know that putting these generations’ values at the forefront of their business strategy is key”. Snapchat said that the more relevant the ads become, the more return on investment for business.

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In Q3, we started out testing Snap’s latest capabilities around Dynamic Ads. Having used Catalogs to manually create ads in the past, we were excited by the prospect of automating this process end-to-end. Although it’s early, we’re seeing very promising results, our Dynamic Ads campaigns are driving a 66% decrease in Cost Per Purchase and a 286% increase in ROAS compared to our 2019 re-engagement initiative running simultaneously

Chris Ratterman, Founder & CEO at Shady Rays

Snapchat also said that when using Dynamic Ads, the online fashion boutique Princess Polly saw early successes with a 66% decrease in cost per purchase and a 171% increase in ROAS, compared to their similar pixel campaign simultaneously running the U.S. Vitaly, an accessories brand, was able to reuse existing product feeds to create high-quality and full-screen ads.

According to the company, Dynamic Ads have driven a 21% decrease in cost per purchase and a 29% increase in return on ad spend for Vitaly, compared to a similar Vitaly re-engagement campaign simultaneously running in the U.S.

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