Software company Sinqia to inject BRL 2 million in up to 20 Brazilian fintechs

The new venture arises as a partnership with Darwin Startups, Brazilian accelerator and VC firm

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Photo: Sinqia Facebook
  • Sinqia partners with Darwin Startups to raise a BRL 2 million fund for backing young fintechs in Brazil;
  • The capital will be addressed to about 20 startups, to be chosen as of April.

Brazilian software company focused on services for the financial sector, Sinqia will partner with Darwin Startups, accelerator and VC firm, to raise between BRL 1.5 and BRL 2 million to young tech startups in the country. The information is from Exame.

Aimed especially at fintechs, the goal is to address this capital to up to 20 startups, to be chosen as of April.

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Companies such as Banco Safra and Transunion also take part in the contribution. As the media outlet learned, the total investment value is close to BRL 5 million.

“The decision-making is collective. But if a startup is more interesting for one investor than for another, it is possible to make a larger contribution”, explained to Exame Leo Monte, marketing and innovation director at Sinqia. Therefore, the investment can be made individually or collectively and the percentage acquired from the companies is shared among investors.

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