Streaming war: Rights to “Seinfeld”, “Friends”, “The Big Bang Theory” and others raised $2 billion

In the sharing of goods, Netflix has secured “Seinfeld”, while HBOMax guarantees “The Big Bang Theory”

Streaming war: Rights to “Seinfeld”, “Friends”, “The Big Bang Theory” and others raised $2 billion

These are busy times for the streaming giants – and for those who love to have their favorite shows anytime on-demand. Whether it be through significant investments in acquiring classic shows, developing new original content, or hiring celebrities for these shows; streaming players haven’t spared any money in securing their ranking among the competition. 

New updates about who gets what revealed that Netflix is acquiring the popular comedy “Seinfeld”, while the WarnerMedia service to be launched, HBOMax, will be the new streaming home of geek show “The Big Bang Theory”. “Parks and Recreation” has now its rights secured by new service from NBCUniversal, Peacock

Securing a classic like “Seinfeld” for a $ 500 million deal was probably a strategic move by Netflix, since the company has recently lost some big-hits earlier this year. “Friends” was stolen by HBOMax in a $ 425 million deal; while “The Office” is now property of NBCUniversal’s Peacock for $ 500 million. 

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But balancing the high figures spent with new shows and acquisitions with competitive prices in subscription offers is certainly no easy task – but it’s especially difficult for the pioneer Netflix. 

While Apple, WarnerMedia, Amazon, Disney, and others don’t rely only on streaming services as their core business model – having alternative assets to strengthen their position in the competition – Netflix is focused solely on the streaming front and has a record of depending on big loans to build its dominance of the industry. According to WSJ, the owner of “Stranger Things” has a long-term debt of over $12 billion. 

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