Business, an HR startup that combines programmatic media and job marketplace, arrives in Brazil

Based in Canada, the startup is opening an office in São Paulo to meet recruitment and selection demands in Latin America

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To achieve good results for clients such as Rappi, 99, Cornershop and BTG Pactual, digital recruiting startup (formerly Neuvoo) took a page of the corporate world playbook: marketing is the soul of the business. Founded in Canada, HR tech has developed a platform that uses programmatic advertising and a network of media outlets to quickly fill job openings.

In addition to agility, this approach promises to maximize ROI for HR teams in new recruiting and selection campaigns. works as a job aggregator service, bringing together jobs available in different services (such as agencies and job sites) and also the opportunities available to its customers. The company also buys programmatic media spaces on websites that meet the desired profile to find more candidates for partner companies.

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“What we do is apply marketing precepts to recruitment”, comments the vice president of in Latin America, Sebastian Dominguez. Ahead of the company’s expansion on the continent, the executive admits that the startup‘s approach is still not popular among recruiters in Latin America.

According to the vice president of, the first barrier to the business is “educating the market”, that is, explaining to customers that the platform does not compete with candidate tracking services (ATS), the case of Gupy, Kenoby, and others.

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“It’s still a bit complicated to have to explain the model of buying media to impact different audiences and carry out campaigns. But, this is already being valued by companies that are customers. They understand that we add value”, explains Dominguez.

Our proposal is 100% focused on performance, therefore, the goals defined with the client are the guide for our delivery. We explain to the client the relationship of the budget versus expected results, making it possible to scale the delivery as the client is comfortable in investing more, never exceeding the agreed limit budget

SEBASTIAN DOMINGUEZ, LATAM VP of’s Strategy to Expand in Latin America

Founded in 2011 under the name “Neuvoo”, the startup received an investment of CAD$53 million (approximately $42 million) from the CDPQ fund in 2019.

It has since changed its name to, aiming for global expansion. The startup also grew from 194 employees to 360 employees worldwide, having more than 60 million monthly pageviews on its platform, with 54 million jobs and 10 million indexed companies.

The recruitment company operates in 78 different countries and recently opened its commercial office in São Paulo. In the region, the company also has a development center in Medellín (Colombia) with around 100 employees. The region should be one of the startup‘s focus of attention due to the high demand for employees.

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“In less than a year, we were able to grow the company’s revenue tenfold in the region and, from now on, we will focus on expanding our services to more clients, maintaining the high level of service and execution”, comments Dominguez, without revealing absolute numbers.

To expand its activities in Brazil, HR tech hired executive Vítor Brandizzi as country manager. “Our media model for recruiting is unique in the region. We seek to bring traffic from the most diverse channels to our clients’ vacancies, consolidating in one place the report and the intelligence of the process” comments Brandizzi.

The startup is betting that, like what happened with the digital marketing market, media platforms for recruiting should grow exponentially over the next decade.

“We see this market [recruitment] at the stage that digital marketing was ten years ago. Today, you don’t see a company that doesn’t do a Google campaign, that doesn’t have an agency or software that does the relationship with the consumer digitally”, explains the country manager of

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