Ready for Black Friday? Mercado Libre opens new logistics center in Brazil

The facility will be focused on major appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and 50-inch or above TVs

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Mercado Libre continues to expand its logistics facilities in Brazil and this Wednesday (17th) the e-commerce unicorn opened a new warehouse focused on handling major appliances. With an eye on Black Friday, the company will focus the operation, located in Franco da Rocha (SP), exclusively for storage and delivery logistics for heavy products, such as refrigerators, washing machines, and TVs above 50 inches.

Mercado Libre – also known as MeLi – is reinforcing its ranks to expand its reach and compete with other big retailers in Brazil, such as Magazine Luiza. In November 2020, the company had already opened 5 logistics centers and doubled its capacity for deliveries in Brazil.

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With a new logistics center designed to handle household appliances, Mercado Libre hopes to gain agility in deliveries during Black Friday. The shopping event takes place in late November.

“Based on the lessons learned in recent years, we are working to make this new space viable in time to meet our customers’ expectations for this period. At this time of year, the trend of buying technology equipment and household appliances intensifies”, explains the senior vice president and leader of Mercado Libre in Brazil, Fernando Yunes. “It is a very favorable moment for us to reinforce our shipments, which are the fastest in Brazil, now adding the convenience of scheduled delivery for products stored at logistics center of Franco da Rocha”.

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The warehouse is part of a BRL 10 billion investment package from the company to strengthen its Brazilian operation, with a focus on logistics and financial technology services.

The exclusive focus on major appliance is part of this strategy to to boost efficiency, as heavier products demand special attention in their handling.

“We are raising our services to a level that we had not yet visited, but with the certainty that we will do so at the most opportune time. In addition to the expectation of the main date for Brazilian retail, we embrace our responsibility to maintain and exceed the level of satisfaction of our customers, which today is at a historic high level for Mercado Libre”, completes Yunes.

The new facility should create 300 new direct jobs, according to Mercado Libre. There is also a new logistics center planned for opening in Belo Horizonte (MG) next year.

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