The Brazilian fashion retailer Renner is focused on expanding operations in Latin America

The brand is targeting Argentina and Uruguay to keep growing in the region

However, it represents a volume still insufficient to reverse the negative balance of the crisis. Photo: Shutterstock
  • Renner is investing in open its first stores in Argentina in the cities of Córdoba and Buenos Aires
  • The fashion retailer will also bet on increase its operation in Uruguay by opening two new stores in the country, reaching the mark of 9 stores in the region 

The Brazilian fashion retailer Renner targeting Latin American countries to keep growing, according to the Brazilian media outlet Gazeta do Povo. The brand will open four physical stores in the cities of Córdoba and Buenos Aires in Argentina. These stores will follow the Brazilian pattern and will be the first step of the brand in this country. 

“We’re very happy giving one more step in our internationalization process, entering now in Argentina, that is the second major economy in South America,” said Fabio Faccio, the president of Renner stores in an interview for the Brazilian media outlet Gazeta do Povo.

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But not only new countries are on the plan, increase the brand share in countries where the brand is already present is also on the map. Renner will open two new stores in Uruguay, achieving the mark of 9 physical stores in this country and now the brand will be present in the cities of Montevidéu, metropolitan region, Rivera and Punta del Este. In this country, Renner is also operating with its e-commerce already. 

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