The Brazilian unicorn Gympass announces new CEO in Mexico in order to increase its business in Latin America

The company that received a recent investment from Softbank is focused on not only expand the operation in Mexico but also in Argentina and Chile

Gympass hires new CEO in Mexico
Gympass hires new CEO in Mexico. Photo: Shutterstock
  • Gympass is betting on the hiring of a new CEO in Mexico with experience in other huge projects in the region to scale the business in the country
  • The goal is that each local operation keeps increasing by 100% per year

Stress, depression, burnout, and anxiety are known as the diseases of this century worldwide. In Latin America, this isn’t different and its directly affecting the productivity of most companies. Health is not only a personal matter anymore but also a business problem too. And was in this gap that Gympass found a way to create a solution that could be a win-win game since by providing more gym and exercises options to employees they became able to improve their life quality paying cheaper monthly taxes, and offering B2B plans to companies the solution can increase productivity and have happier employees. 

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And this already well-succeeded business model in Brazil is starting to really scale for Latin America, after announcing Gympass’ expansion to Mexico, Argentina, and Chile, now the company is really putting efforts to won the new markets, starting for Mexico. 

Gympass announced the hiring of Lucas Melman as the new CEO of Mexico’s operation, according to Contxto. The executive has years of experience in scaling business in Latin America and has already worked in other huge projects in the region, such as SinDelantal and Mensajeros Urbanos. “We’re focused on continuing to grow our local operations at a rate above 100 percent per year,” revealed Lucas Melman about his challenges and goals in the Mexican market in the press-release. 

Gympass already has more than 3,800 gyms available in the app in more than 584 cities in Mexico, according to Contxto. In the whole Latin America operation, the Brazilian unicorn has partnerships with more than 65,000 gyms, an operation that manages more than $ 6 billion per year.

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