The main e-commerce players in Latin America, according to Similar Web traffic data

Supported by data from Similar Web, EBANX's Beyond Borders 2020/2021 study disclosed the top 10 e-commerce websites in Latin America, with names such as Amazon and Mercado Libre

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AI-based market intelligence platform Similar Web, founded in 2007 by Or Offer, measures the digital market by providing traffic intelligence to monitor and understand data.

In this ranking – data from the latest Beyond Borders 2020/2021 studySimilar Web discloses the top ten e-commerce players in Latin America, first, overall in the region, and then, the five top websites per country.

To compose the overall ranking of main e-commerce players in Latin America, Similar Web first analyzed the relevance of websites within the category of e-commerce in each country. Next, it added all the main websites of each country in a customized category in order to analyze them side by side.

Top 10 e-commerce websites in Latin America

Mercado Livre & Mercado Libre

With 21.28% of traffic share, Mercado Livre Brazil leads
the ranking
among the other e-commerce websites.

The Latin American e-commerce platform, founded in Argentina in 1999, figures in three other positions at SimilarWeb’s ranking in addition to the Brazilian website, as Mercado Libre Argentina places 2nd (12.45%); Mercado Libre Mexico places 4th (9.19%), and Mercado Libre Colombia places 10th (3.63%) in terms of traffic share and monthly visits.

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The Argentinian tech company reached a net revenue of US$1.1 billion during the third quarter of 2020.


Founded in 1929 and headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Americanas is one of the most popular retailers in Brazil and a subsidiary of Lojas Americanas, parent company of e-commerce conglomerate B2W Digital (Submarino, Shoptime, and

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The Brazilian e-commerce website places 3rd in this list, with 9.49% traffic share and 119.4 monthly visits, according to data from July 2020. Lojas Americanas announced BRL 5.12 billion (about US$924 million) of net revenue during the quarter comprising July to September 2020. The company has also a website dedicated to crossborder sales.

OLX Brazil

Part of the global Netherlands- based online classifieds business OLX Group, OLX Brazil belongs to the Norwegian Adevinta, and ranks 5th as the domain with more traffic share in this analysis (8.15%).

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The online marketplace founded in 2006 reported BRL 350 million (US$ 63.3 million) of net revenue in 2019 for its Brazilian subsidiary.


Jeff Bezos’ e-commerce and tech giant places 6th with its Brazilian website grabbing as much as 5.92% traffic share, while Amazon Mexico ranks 9th in SimilarWeb’s list, with 4.12%. The US-based company announced US$96.1 billion net sales for 2020’s third-quarter.

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Magazine Luiza

One of the largest Brazilian retail companies, Magazine Luiza (or just Magalu) figures in 7th place in this traffic share comparison, with 5.35% and 67.39 million visits in July alone. Founded in 1957, Magazine Luiza consolidated itself as the largest multichannel retailer in Brazil.

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Digital sales reached 66% of the company’s total sales in the third quarter of 2020, growing 148% over the same period in 2019, to BRL 8.1 billion. In 2017, e-commerce sales represented only 30% of the total. To many analysts, the company is the biggest competitor of Mercado Libre and even Amazon in Brazil.

Casas Bahia

The Brazilian Casas Bahia, subsidiary of Via Varejo (company that also owns the Pontofrio chain in the country), places in 8th position, with a 4.34% traffic share and 54.64 million visits in July this year. The popular chain of furniture and home appliances was founded in 1952. Its parent company Via Varejo announced BRL 5.28 billion (US$ 955 million) in net revenue during 2020’s second quarter.

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