TIVIT's investments arm has BRL 100 million to acquire scale-ups in Latin America

The Brazilian technology multinational already has seven startups within its ecosystem. In the next four years, TIVIT wants to increase this number to 25.

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TIVIT Ventures, the corporate investment arm of the Brazilian technology multinational TIVIT, is now halfway through its second year of operations, intending to invest BRL 100 million in high-growth startups, the so-called scale-ups, not only in Brazil but in Latin America. These are companies at a level of development already a little beyond what TIVIT had been looking at lately.

Seven startups are already part of the TIVIT ecosystem, including the acquired ones (Stone Age, Privally, DevApi, Lambda3, and SENSR.IT), most of them since the creation of TIVIT Ventures, and also two born within the company (CyberSec and TBankS). In the next four years, TIVIT wants to increase that number to 25.

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TIVIT Ventures chief strategy officer Eduardo Sodero said in a press release that the plan is to find startups with business models capable of complementing TIVIT’s operations — in particular, SaaS (software as a service) solutions aimed at cybersecurity, cloud, big data, analytics, fintechs, and digital transformation solutions. The startups also have to be capable of operating in more than one country in the region.

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According to Sodero, two companies are under negotiation and may be announced in this year’s first half. In just over a year, the executive said that more than 1,400 startups were mapped by TIVIT or proactively sought the institution, also through Pitch Day, a channel permanently opened by TIVIT. Of these, more than 300 participated in meetings with TIVIT Ventures analysts.

The startups acquired by the investment arm of TIVIT remain autonomously managed, receiving support when necessary in areas such as commercial, marketing, finance, and human resources.

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