Top 3 most valuable media brands

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There’s never been a better moment to bet on innovative products, yet there’s never been so much competition for a share of this audience either. And the streaming scene is now in the spotlight due to these changes. Not by coincidence, the global giants of the entertainment industry are putting so much effort into entering this market that they are offering new products or solutions for digital platforms.

The top 3 most valuable media brands from Brand Finance ranking are the best examples of companies that are transforming the entertainment market and changing the rules of the game worldwide. 

Get to know who they are and what their strategy is to keep increasing their audience: 

3. Netflix

Netflix is the third most valuable media brand

The streaming market is booming and Netflix is using all their cards to stay in the game, but there is one thing we can’t deny: the brand was a game-changer worldwide and innovation was never a problem for them.

Since last quarter, Netflix’s results weren’t as positive as expected, with a decrease in the number of subscribers and the announcement of two new giants entering in the streaming market (HBO Max and Disney+). The company still has a valuation of $ 21.2 billion and is confident about the future. 

To keep winning the global market, Netflix’s new target is India, and the company is betting on original productions such as new seasons of The Crown and Orange Is The New Black

2. Youtube

Netflix is the second most valuable brand

With influencer’s videos, kids channels, tutorials, music, news, and all kinds of free content available on-demand at a single place, It is easy to understand why Google’s video-sharing platform is more popular every day, reaching the #3 place on the ranking of most valuable media brands from Brand Finance.

Recently, Youtube’s brand reached the valuation of $37.9 billion, which represents an increase of 46% and the company is going further to keep playing in the first division. Youtube’s next steps are moving from a video-sharing platform to a producer of original content, and it gets even better: all available for free. The first series released in this format will be “Cobra Kai”, the show is based on the classic movie from 80s, “Karate Kid.” 

While every other media company is racing to put their content behind the paywall, we’re headed in the opposite direction by making our original content available for free,” said Robert Kyncl, Youtube’s CEO, during the YouTube’s annual Brandcast event this year. 

The first series released in this format will be “Cobra Kai;” the show is based on the classic movie from 80s “Karate Kid.” 

1. Disney

Disney is the most valuable media brand

A traditional brand that is a reference in how to reinvent themselves, the company was created in 1923 and it keeps following the market trends. Disney’s valuation increased by 40% in relation to 2018, reaching a valuation of $45.8 billion, following the optimism of the market about the latest releases of the entertainment brand. 

After the acquisition of 21st Century Fox’s film, the announcement of Disney+ streaming with less expensive charges than its main competitors, Netflix and HBO Max, is the next promising product from the company.

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