Uber aims at planned journey with integrated payment in Brazil

In a live video interview with the newspaper Valor Econômico, Claudia Woods, general manager of Uber in Brazil, said that Uber Transit project is being resumed

Claudia Woods, General Manager of Uber in Brazil. Photo: YouTube/Screenshot
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  • Claudia Woods said that Lime is not currently operating in Brazil, but that there might be some news soon;
  • Lime already resumed operations in the region.

As cities begin to resume activities, Uber is also resuming projects to implement a planned journey in Brazil. In a live video interview with the newspaper Valor Econômico, Claudia Woods, general manager of Uber in Brazil, spoke about the company’s ride-hailing plans for a complete journey for the user, called Uber Transit. “Uber even launched bicycles in Brazil at the end of last year, but recently it entered into a joint venture with Lime, which currently does not operate in Brazil. But we should have news soon,” she said. 

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According to Woods, the idea is that the user, when entering the app, would be able to see all the means of transportation available, from shared bicycles to Uber different ride-hailing categories, and pay for it once, through an integrated payment system. “A year ago we thought about traffic in São Paulo, about the possibility of reaching the destination with an integrated journey planning vision, but in the past six months this has slowed down with the pandemic. But the vision continues with the integration of public transport,” she said . 

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Uber recently launched a new feature to check if a passenger is wearing a mask using a selfie. The global resource was already available to drivers and was developed in São Paulo, at Uber’s first technology development center in Latin America. According to Woods, the entire development of the company’s safety tools is done by the team from Brazil. “It’s something important in our global performance, it’s a center with a lot of growth potential, disruptive and innovative when it comes to safety.”

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