Uber ceases electric scooter operations in Brazil

Uber started offering e-scooters for rent in São Paulo in March, and is now leaving the country due to its merger with Lime

Uber starts offering scooter service in Sao Paulo
Photo: Uber Newsroom
  • Uber’s scooters are leaving Brazil after their first arrival in December;
  • Uber’s micromobility operation merger with Lime is the reason behind the decision, since the latter is no longer operating in the country;
  • The ride-hailing giant will continue to give access to vehicles operated by Lime where the company has activities.

After announcing the rollout of its electric scooter sharing service in the coastal city of Santos in December, and a few months later, in São Paulo, Uber‘s scooters are leaving the country.

As informed by the company in a memo, the decision was taken due to the merger of Uber’s micromobility operation with Lime. Scooter rental company Lime, however, had already ended operations in Brazil earlier in January, just six months after landing in the region.

“On May 7, Uber announced the merger of Jump, its micromobility division, with the company Lime, which is continuing a combined operation in the cities it serves,” the company stated. “With this merger, Uber’s electric scooter operations in São Paulo and Santos, suspended since the start of the pandemic, were discontinued.”

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Uber had barely begun to offer its electric scooters in São Paulo: after waiting for authorization from the city government – received at the end of January – it started offering the vehicles at the beginning of March, and shortly after, got them suspended due to the pandemic. The ride-hailing giant also informed that users will continue to have access to vehicles operated by Lime where the company has activities.

“Uber continues to firmly believe in micromobility and its power to positively transform cities and recognizes that Lime’s scale and focus will be instrumental in advancing this transformation,” the company further stated.

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