Uber Eats to cease operations in Colombia and Argentina

Earlier this year, in May, Uber Eats also left Uruguay

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  • Uber Eats announced on October 22 that would leave both Argentina and Colombia over the next 30 days;
  • According to the company, this won’t affect other operations such as ride-hailing, Uber Flash, and other services in each of these countries.

Uber Eats has announced that is ceasing operations in Colombia and Argentina as of November 22, the company informed in a press release.

“We have made the decision to discontinue the Uber Eats service in Argentina and Colombia over the next 30 days. Although it is a difficult decision, our priority now is to do everything possible to minimize the impact on our team, the restaurants, and delivery partners who have supported us,” Uber Eats stated.

The ride-hailing unit, as well as the delivery app Uber Flash and grocery service Cornershop, remain in operation in Colombia. In Argentina, as well, other verticals won’t be affected. In addition to the Uber app, users in the country will continue to access other services such as UberX, Essential, Medics and Flash, available in more than 10 cities in the country, Uber Eats informed.

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“The decision has nothing to do with Argentina or the context of the country,” said sources familiar with Uber’s business, according to Clarín. According to them, Uber Eats intends to focus on other markets where it is a leader, which was not the case in the country, where it arrived later.

In the region, Uber Eats will continue to operate in Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

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