Uber reached a significant reduction in the number of cars in São Paulo without losing clients

Uber reduce the number of cars in São Paulo
  • The category that offers collective rides to passengers with near destinations is responsible for that change. 
  • 80% of ride requests of this category in Uber happen during rush hours. 
  • In the first semester, the company projected a reduction of 1,500 cars per hour in the most crowded street in São Paulo.

Uber’s mission of reducing the number of cars in big cities has been successful so far in Brazil. The company estimated that in the first semester of this year there would be a decrease of 9.000 cars in Sao Paulo, one of the Brazilian cities with the largest rates of traffic. This means a reduction of 1,500 cars per hour in one of the most crowded streets of the metropolis, Marginal Pinheiros

But if you are thinking that the company is losing revenue or clients with this reduction, you will be surprised to hear the contrary. Uber is promoting the collective ride category to keep servicing the same number of clients, while reducing the number of cars in the city. Called “Uber Juntos,” the service makes it possible to have two or three passengers with a similar destination at the same car, and it is the cheapest category available. 

According to the company, it is during rush hours that the benefit becomes clearer. Around 80% of the ride requests of Uber Juntos happen during periods when traffic is more intense, such as 7-9 AM and 5-7 PM.

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