Unicorn IPOs break records by exceeding the total amount of $ 6 billion in 2019

Just during the first semester, 13 unicorns already went public

Unicorn IPOs break records
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  • The Brazilian media outlet Valor Econômico is estimating that unicorn IPOs reached $ 15 billion during the first semester;
  • The biggest unicorns that went public during the first semester were Uber, Lyft, and Pinterest;
  • The Brazilian market is betting on Nubank, Gympass, QuintoAndar, and Mobile as the next unicorns to go public.

While traditional companies are slowing down, the IPO of startups with more than $1billion of valuation are catching investors’ attention and leading the way into breaking all the records in the segment. 

In 2018, 20 unicorn IPOs took place, an increase of 54% in relation to 2017, reaching $ 6 billion during the year, according to Intelligize. These achievements were already surprising, yet these unicorns have the potential to go much further. As proof of this, consider that in the first semester alone, 13 unicorns already went through an IPO process, unicorns the likes of companies such as Pinterest, Lyft, and Uber, the ride-sharing company that was considered the biggest IPO of the year

Even if they don’t reach a positive result, Uber’s IPO by itself was enough to exceed the previous year’s results. During the first semester of the year, the Brazilian media outlet Valor Econômico estimates that the total amount reached was of $ 15 billion. 

“The offers of companies focused on technology should continue in that trend, due to the need to access new capital or offer ways out for investors from older private rounds,” said the IPO’s leader on EY in an interview for Valor Econômico

In addition to Uber, Lyft and Pinterest were the other two big unicorns that went public in the U.S stock market, and WeWork‘s IPO is the next thing that is keeping the inventors’ attention. In Brazil, Stone and Arco already went through the IPO’s process and the market is betting on Nubank, Gympass, QuintoAndar, and Movile as the most probable unicorns to go public next.

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