US technology company Intuit sets up a technology hub in Brazil

In Brazil, the company has 80,000 clients on its SaaS platform with products that make financial management of the SME business and cash flow accountability

Davi Viana, Intuit's country manager in Brazil. Photo: Courtesy/Intuit
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The U.S.-based technology company Intuit, owner of QuickBooks, Mint, Credit Karma, and Mailchimp platforms wants to strengthen its position in Brazil organizing the financial life of small and medium entrepreneurs. For this, the company now has a technology hub in Brazil.

Listed on Nasdaq, Intuit arrived in Brazil in 2015, and in 2019 brought QuickBooks to the country. In Brazil, it has almost 80,000 customers on its SaaS platform with products that make the financial management of the business, cash flow accountable. It is a business model that has attracted the attention of investors in Latin America.

Recently, Cora, Conta Simples, and Clara raised rounds focused on the management of small business accounts. “Here in Brazil we are just starting this part of the integration with other banks and offering financial products,” explains Davi Viana, Intuit’s country manager in Brazil.

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Intuit bridges the gap with accountants in Brazil, generating fiscal and tax reports within its system. “Small and medium enterprises move the country, so now we are seeing the [disruption] movement that has happened from individuals to small enterprises. I’m a big believer in ecosystem formation via partnerships.”

The company has 17 vacancies for technology professionals. “Here in Brazil we have professionals to develop things not only for Brazil but also for the United States and other countries that we are present,” he says.

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Intuit has operations in 50 countries and offices in more than 18. In Brazil, there are 250 developers. “We have doubled in size year by year and we think it will be no different in 2022.

At the same speed as Brazil, Mexico is also growing the tech company’s customer base, according to Viana.

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