Visa and Dufry announce exclusive partnership for enabling installments in the company's Brazilian stores

The partnership comes along with the Brazilian government measure that doubles the limit of purchases in duty-free stores

Dufry shops partners with Visa. Photo: Shutterstock

A partnership between Visa and retailer Dufry will allow customers in Brazil to split the payment of purchases made in the duty-free shops of the company in monthly parcels. As of January, Visa cardholders will have the benefit of exclusive installments in the entire Dufry chain in Brazil, which includes 119 stores located at international airports in cities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. 

The new agreement comes at a time when the Brazilian government announced major changes for travelers. One of them was the rise, in 2020, of the limit for purchases in duty-free shops, from $ 500 to $ 1,000. From now on, travelers returning to Brazil will be able to buy high value-added products in their arrival on Brazilian airports, such as smartphones, video games, sports equipment, electronics, and home appliances. 

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“We are very pleased with our new partnership with Visa, which is another step in the quest to offer our customers the best purchase option, making the travel experience even more complete,” said Gustavo Fagundes, Director of Dufry in Brazil and Bolivia, in the official press release.

Deeply rooted in Brazilian consumer behavior, installments are a payment method that can enable the customer to split the total value of a payment in equal and small parcels to be paid month a month, making it possible to fit high average ticket products in Brazilians’ budgets. For those on international trips, the partnership will bring the option to split the payment in up to 12 monthly parcels without interest. In the case of domestic flights, at Dufry Shopping and Hudson stores, consumers will be able to pay in up to 8 monthly parcels without interest.

“Now, we have conquered yet another moment of extreme importance, in which thousands of Brazilians will be able to benefit during their trips and purchases in Dufry stores. We want to show that, with Visa, you gain more benefits, easiness and security”, further stated Fernando Teles, country manager at Visa Brazil.

Travelers will also be able to book their favorite products through several channels, including a telephone line, Dufry’s website, as well as via Whatsapp.

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