Visa launches project to publicize Brazilian micro and small companies

Visa intents to attract costumers to buy for small-sized businesses in their neighborhood

Visa, EBANX and Cielo are promoting an initiative for costumers to buy from the small enterprises of their neighborhood. Photo: Shutterstock
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  • Brazilian Visa added to its platform the feature that will act as a digital hub to help small-sized businesses;
  • EBANX Beep and Cielo are Visa’s partners in this new initiative.

The financial services corporation Visa is launching a project to publicize Brazilian micro and small companies and help them sale amid the coronavirus crisis. ‘Vai de Visa’ initiative will facilitate consumers to find small establishments nearby their homes through #compredopequeno (#buyfromthesmall, in Portuguese) movement.

Since isolation and social distancing measures have been applied, the world has undergone a series of transformations that have affected the way people consume. It made companies to seek adaptations to the ‘new normal’. Small-sized companies felt the impact on sales more than large enterprises. With the purpose to help these to keep selling, Brazilian Visa added to its platform the feature that will act as a digital hub, allowing small merchants to sell online and showing consumers the products and services that are closer to their homes.

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According to the company, the platform allows digital payments. Merchants need to hire services from one of the companies which partner up with Vai de Visa to participate, such as EBANX Beep, an online sales system launched by EBANX that already has more than 4,500 stores registered since the end of March.

The payment processor Cielo is also a partner in the program. According to Visa in Brazil, the initiative will bring more opportunities for Cielo Promo customers, helping shopkeepers to carry out promotions and sell more, including through Cielo Pay, to establishments that use Super Link – a solution that allows distance sales even in installments – and also to tenants in the food sector, who can join the LIUV platform.

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One of the solutions proposed by the new service is the negotiation of sales through vouchers. Costumers will be able to pay in advance for a voucher that will be valid for a few months.

During the quarantine, we want to stimulate purchases at establishments in your neighborhood. Visa is a company that connects those who want to buy with those who want to sell. Therefore, we created a solution that discloses opportunities of this nature. We want the small business owner to know that he can count on our support to announce offers and find solutions that will allow him to sell his products or services over the internet, even if he is behind closed doors

Fernando Teles, country manager at Visa do Brasil

Consumers can search for closer commercial establishments, looking for them by category or location. The platform also has a page with safety tips for consumers to buy online and topics on financial education to help entrepreneurs.

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