Walmart launches a three-hour delivery option in Mexico as a strategy to beat Amazon

Walmart launches three-hour delivery in Mexico
  • Walmart starts offering same-day delivery for more than 12,000 selected products in Mexico
  • This strategy comes as a solution to compete with Amazon that already offers this condition since 2015 in the country

Aiming to win over the Mexican market, Walmart is betting on offering the same delivery conditions as Amazon. Walmart announced this week a three-hour delivery for online orders in Mexico, the new option will be available for more than 12,000 selected products, such as laptops, smartphones, televisions, and clothes irons, according to Walmart’s official statement.  

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Earlier this year, the company had already opened two new distribution centers in the country, both focused on e-commerce orders, since logistics solutions are a key part of Walmart’s strategy to beat Amazon, not only in Mexico, but also in other important markets globally. 

If it will be enough to win Mexican consumers, we cannot predict. But that Mexico still being a strategical and important market for global retail companies, this we know for sure.

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