Warburg Pincus to invest BRL 300 million in Brazilian Superlógica

More than 45 thousand condominiums use the Brazilian management service by Superlógica

Superlógica deals with condominium management software. Photo: Superlógica/Instagram

Warburg Pincus, the American private equity firm, will invest BRL 300 million (about $60 million) in Brazilian Superlógica Group. It represents a primary capital infusion into the company. The fund has already invested $95 billion in more than 890 companies such as Petz, Alipay, GPS and Eleva. Superlógica deals with software applied to condominium management. More than 45 thousand condominiums use the service nowadays, according to the company.

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According to Superlógica, the investment will be used to develop products and services. The aim is to improve the experience of those who live in the condominiums that use its platform. It has a partnership of more than 2,200 client administrators.

The company expects to bring financial results in the medium and long term. Superlógica said in a statement that the funds will also be used in the other segments in which the company operates, such as real estate, and to increase product offerings through PJBank, its financial services platform.

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In his LikedIn page, CEO André Baldini celebrated: “It’s a huge satisfaction to announce the entry of Superlógica to the North American private equity fund Warburg Pincus. We are very excited about the future possibilities and we will spare no effort to give a new meaning to the expression: customer success”, he published.

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