WarnerMedia's streaming service HBO Max launches in May 2020

In addition to original shows and HBO’s programming, the new streaming service will gather big hits like Friends and Big Bang Theory

HBO Max has grown to 4.1 million subscribers in 2 months in the U.S.

During an investor event on Tuesday, executives from media companies AT&T and WarnerMedia revealed information about the new streaming service to join the battle: HBOMax is set to launch in May, by a monthly subscription of $15.

Costing the same as the current HBO service, HBO Now, the new streaming platform will gather all of HBO’s programming, new original shows, and big audience hits like Friends, Big Bang Theory and South Park. Another strategy mentioned by the companies also included a one-year subscription for free for HBO Now subscribers and for those who subscribe to HBO via AT&T.

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The company’s projections with HBOMax, according to information from Vox, is to have 50 million subscribers in the platform by 2025, being able to raise a profit of $1 billion. This will certainly be no easy task, since HBOMax will face stiff competition against old players like Netflix and upcoming Apple and Disney’s streaming services. 

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