Why it's the time to launch new products in Brazil

Brazilian Automation Association just released a new report with numbers that reveal an optimism in the industry

The industry sector in Brazil is really optimistic with the economy. At least is what the Brazilian Automation Association index, called GS1 Brazil, is saying on its new report, that is based on the request for new bar codes for product launches, according to Estadão.

June showed an increase in the index of intention to launch new products of 13.3% compared to May of this year. If we compare with the same period of 2018, the index had showed 18.9%. In the last 12 months, the GS1 Brazil index advanced 15.5%, after contracting 4.3% in the same period of 2018.

São Paulo, the state, expresses a greater intention to launch new products. Figures showed 25.9% in 12 months until June, up from a 6.7% increase in the last 12 months through June of last year. The time period shows that it is not just a moment, but a real optimistic behavior since the same GS1 Brazil, in 2017, showed a decrease throughout 12 months.

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