Startups from Chile and Brazil make Y Combinator Top Companies list for the first time

Compared to the last update, of July 2021, 99 new companies and six new countries have joined the list.

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Y Combinator has just updated its Top Companies list, in addition to publishing a new one called Breakthrough Companies, of the 37 fastest-growing startups among those that received $15 million to $300 million from the accelerator. For the first time, Brazilian and Chilean companies were listed.

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According to Y Combinator, both lists include private, public, and exited companies valued at $150M or more and are sorted by valuation or market cap as of February 2022. In fact, 60 of the top companies listed are unicorns, that is, companies valued at $1 billion or more.

Compared to the last update, of July 2021, 99 new companies have joined the list. Twenty countries are represented, and six of them have entered the selection for the first time: Algeria, Tunisia, Senegal, Chile, Brazil, and Singapore – 28% of all companies new to the list are outside the U.S.

Colombian delivery startup and super app wannabe Rappi is the only Latin American in both lists, Top Companies and Breakthrough Companies.

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See what Latin American startups and tech-based organizations made 2022 YC Top Companies list:

#21 – Rappi (Bogota, Colombia)

#102 – Frubana (Mexico City, Mexico)

#143 – Kovi (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

#160 – Nowports (Moterrey, Mexico)

#172 – Platzi (Colombia-Mexico, although it now identifies itself as remote)

#180 – Fondeadora (Mexico City, Mexico)

#227 – Fintual (Santiago, Chile)

#231 – Houm (Santiago, Chile)

#247 – Yummy (Venezuela when founded, now San Francisco, U.S.)

#255 – Belvo (Mexico City, México and Sao Paulo, Brazil)

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