AliExpress is the Most Accessed International Ecommerce in Brazil

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AliExpress is in the spotlight on global ecommerce market, that’s nothing new. The brand is already present in more than 200 countries and until last year have registered a revenue of more than US$ 4,5 billion.

These numbers are really impressive, but there are more facts about this Chinese giant that can surprise you. The power of stand out, even in markets considered a challenge for the company, is one of these facts. And Brazil appears as a great example of this power.

AliExpress not only has the leadership as the most accessed international e-commerce in Brazil, according to the latest Webshoppers report, but also has won the third place regarding number of purchases and brand recognition among all the ecommerces in the country, in accordance with the article of E-commerce Brasil. The Brazilian market turns to be so important for the Chinese ecommerce that, currently, the country is just behind Russia when it comes to volume of cross-border purchases in AliExpress.

The main challenge that AliExpress still face in Brazil is logistics, which makes the delivery time much longer for Brazilian customers. But, in an interview for E-commerce Brasil, the Director of Operations in Emerging Markets of Alibaba, Bill Wang, emphasized that the competitive prices and the wide range of products are the main reasons to explain why Brazilians keep buying on AliExpress.

First, we offer a wide range of products and we also can offer far lower prices because we connect products directly to consumers.

Alibaba’s Director of Operations in Emerging Markets, Bill Wang

Even though the CTO of AliExpress, Guo Dongbai, pointed out during his stay in Brazil in 2018 that there isn’t a particular method to expand an ecommerce globally, it’s undeniable that your business has a lot to learn with a brand capable to adapt to the most different countries and cultures like AliExpress.

And if you want to know more about AliExpress strategies (and you should), click here to know the complete article about Guo Dongbai’s presentation in Brazil and find out all the details about the company’s strategy and how they managed to thrive in the country.

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