International deliveries will be reduced by half in Brazil

The second phase of the "Correios Packet" service was presented during the Latam Cross-Border Summit, an event organized by EBANX

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The “Correios Packet” service, a pilot project of the Brazilian Postal Service that is dedicated to streamlining international deliveries, had its second phase officially launched this week during the Latam Cross-Border Summit, an event organized by EBANX in Rio de Janeiro. 

The service is expected to reduce orders arriving from China from 45-60 days to 18 days, and from the United States from 25 to 12 days on average.

With the new service, the agency of foreign postal services, often responsible for sending the goods to the Brazilian state-owned company, will be replaced by one or more private companies, which will assume this function and be responsible for making the goods arrive on Brazilian soil.

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The information was published by Gazeta do Povo. Correios makes 95% of the international deliveries in the country, which corresponds to about 200 to 300 thousand packages delivered daily.

During the Summit, Mário Carneiro, the consultant for foreign trade at Correios, said that the state-owned company welcomes the entry of new players in the sector. “More competition, more players entering the market and expanding its operations in the country, boosts Correios’ operations, helping to create an ecosystem of improvements in the logistics chain,” said Carneiro, referring himself to companies such as DHL, which just announced an expansion in the country.

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“Correios is still not operating with the  privatization scenario in mind, given that the model is still under discussion. For now, the company’s operations were not affected by the announcement of privatization,” said Carneiro.

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