Brazilian Black Friday registers BRL 3.2 billion in sales

With a 23.6% growth in comparison with last year's sales, mobile purchases played a central role in this Black Friday's edition

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This year’s Black Friday in Brazil might point at the beginning of a more steady economic upturn. That’s what some of the major retailers in the country, Magazine Luiza and Via Varejo claimed, according to the media outlet Valor Econômico.

With sales that reached as much as BRL 3.2 billion (about $ 760 million), a 23.6% growth in relation to 2018 sales, the Brazilian Black Friday has registered, however, a 1.1% drop in the average ticket, that decreased from BRL 608 to BRL 602 year over year. The information is from the data firm Ebit | Nielsen.

“This year had a much better Black Friday than the last one, both on e-commerce and in physical stores. There were more than two million orders on Friday. Our e-commerce had more than 50% of all sales, above the share we had been having [in the whole year, it’s 44%] ”, said the president of Magalu, Frederico Trajano, to Valor

According to official data from the commercial date organizers, in 2018, Black Friday draw BRL 2.6 billion in sales, 23% more than in 2017. As for the number of orders, last year registered 4.27 million across the country’s e-commerce sites. This year, as informed by Ebit | Nielsen, the number of orders reached 5.33 million, a 25% rise year over year. 

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One of the major increases this year was registered by mobile sales: in 2019, revenues from mobile purchases reached a 95% growth in comparison with 2018, from BRL 830 million to BRL 1.7 billion. In addition, 55% of orders came from mobile, an increase of 103% from last year.

Ebit | Nielsen also disclosed that, unlike the general results, on mobile, the average ticket registered better results year over year: while in 2018 consumers spent, on average, BRL 552 on mobile purchases during the period, in 2019, this number reached BRL 574. 

Clearsale‘s company Compre & Confie revealed more optimistic results, with e-commerce revenues climbing 31% on the period, and reaching BRL 3.8 billion in sales this year. Data brought by Brazilian payments company Cielo pointed out that this edition of Black Friday grew 16.5% compared to last year, with a 19.6% increase in online sales and 16.2% in purchases made in physical stores. 

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According to Cielo, in the information provided by G1, the sectors that brought the highest increase in revenues were tourism and transportation, which grew by 31.6%, bookstores and stationery (23.5%) and furniture and household appliances (21.4%). All research entities’ results refer to the period of sales from Thursday, 28, to Friday, 29.

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