Brazilian government will increase the limit for duty-free shop purchases

With the new resolution, the limit purchase value jumps from $500 to $1000

Expected to be approved within a few months, the Brazilian government has decided to put in place a new resolution regarding the limit for purchases in duty-free shops: instead of the current $500 limit for purchases, Brazilians will then be able to buy up to $1000 in those stores. 

According to the Brazilian newspaper O Globo, it’s not the first time that the government proposes increasing the limit for purchases with tax exemption. It isn’t decided yet whether the measure would take effect during this year or in 2020, since if the new resolution comes into force still in 2019, it will be necessary to make a change in the Budget Law, as the increase of the limit would represent a drop in revenue for the public coffers. If it stays next year, the government will have to make adjustments to the 2020 Budget Bill. 

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For Brazilian consumers traveling abroad, as soon as the resolution is approved, the limit for purchases when entering airports in the country will be, on the whole, $1500 – comprising the $500 Brazilians are allowed to bring in luggage, plus the $ 1,000 in free shop purchases. The proposal also extends the limit on land border free shops, which will jump from $300 to $500 and affect mainly duty-free stores of Paraguay, a common destination among Brazilians willing to shop. 

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