Brazilian instant payment system PIX has already been used by 77% of Brazilians

According to the Brazilians interviewed by FGV / Toluna, the transfer of resources to individuals is the main utility of PIX (78.7%)

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  • Most Brazilians interviewed are satisfied (76.03%) with the service;
  • Only 13.2% stated that they use the service for transfers above BRL 1,000.

In just over three months of operation, an FGV/Toluna survey found that 77.65% of Brazilians have already registered a key (a kind of a PIX user registration) to use the Brazilian Central Bank’s instant payment system. According to the Brazilians surveyed, the transfer of resources to individuals is the main utility of PIX (78.7%), while 55.37% cited payment for services as the main use.

Regarding satisfaction with the system, the majority of Brazilians interviewed are satisfied (76.03%) and about the average value transacted via PIX, practically all the spending ranges were equivalent, but with fewer users (13.2%) transacting over BRL 1,000.

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The study points out that, in general, users agree that the PIX system did not present any problems, that it is safe, that it meets their needs, and that they would use it to make money transfers between people. To a lesser extent, they also agree that they would use PIX for purchases in physical and virtual retailers, with a slight concern about these uses.

For FGVcemif professor and coordinator of the study, Adrian Kemmer Cernev, PIX is already known by a large part of the population and, with greater adoption and user experience, it is expected that users’ confidence will be strengthened, contributing to the use of this payment instrument, but there are challenges.

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“An important current challenge is precisely to make the PIX system relevant to all economic agents, far beyond offering institutions – traditional banks, fintechs, and other financial institutions. Physical retail and e-commerce, for example, need to integrate this form of digital payment into their daily lives, systemically and sustainably. It is also worth mentioning that there are news expected in the Brazilian digital payments ecosystem, with the implementation of the credit PIX and payment slips and public services.”

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