Brazil's GDP grows 0.54% in May, says Central Bank

The positive number comes after four months of continuous decrease

The Central Bank of Brazil started the week with good news for the national economy. This morning, the institute released the Economic Activity Index, a preliminary Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and stated a gain of 0.54% in May compared to the previous month. This positive number comes after the same indicator registered a four consecutive months of declining , which has been declining since January.
But for the record, Central Bank also said that the number of May was calculated with “seasonal adjustment”, which is a compensation to compare different periods of a year. Saying that, the accumulated of the quarter until May of this year, in comparison with the previous quarter (December to February), the index registered a decrease of 0.99%.

The Economy Activity Index incorporates activities of the three sectors of the economy: industry, trade, and services.

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