Brazil's National Congress approves emergency aid to low-income individuals and families

However, the amount will be lower than that paid last year, at the most BRL 375.00

Photo: Pedro França/Senate Agency

Brazilian National Congress approved on Monday the package of emergency measures that makes possible a new round of emergency aid paid by the Federal Government to low-income individuals and families because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The benefit installments may be paid in April, May, June, and July. The text does not detail the amounts to be paid nor the requirements to receive, these specifics of the aid payment will be defined in another text.

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The approved bill reserves BRL 44 billion in extra expenses to finance the aid – but that does not mean that the aid will cost this to the government, but that BRL 44 billion will not be subject to the spending cap rule, which determines that one-year expenses should be the same as the previous year’s inflation-adjusted expenses. It is a way for the Federal Government to pay emergency aid without committing irregularities.

According to the Ministry of Citizenship, the aid will be BRL 250.00 on average, but the amount may vary depending on the beneficiary; female heads of household can receive a higher amount, up to BRL 375.00; already singles without children would receive a reduced amount of BRL 175.00.

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The amount is much lower than the previous emergency aid: in 2020, the Federal Government paid 5 installments of BRL 600.00, with female heads of household receiving BRL 1,200.00. The Federal Government spent BRL 294.3 billion to pay aid to 68 million Brazilians.

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