Center-left Alberto Fernández wins the presidency in Argentina

With more than 45% of votes, Frente de Todos candidate is Argentina's newly elected president

Alberto Fernández, Argentina's new president. Photo: AFP
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As alluded during the primary elections in August, Frente de Todos candidate Alberto Fernández has won the election for Argentina’s presidency this Sunday, 27th, with more than 45% of votes, beating the right-wing and current president Mauricio Macri

With the victory, Fernández running-mate, the former president Cristina Kirchner, is now back in power as Argentina’s vice president, taking office from December 10 along with the new president. 

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Held in the middle of an economic crisis, the Argentine elections raised many concerns and strongly split opinions apart, as many Peronist supporters were eager to Kirchner’s return. Although poverty was one of his central agendas, Macri is leaving the presidential post with a 35.4% poverty index – a third of the country’s population.

After the vote counting, Macri congratulated his political rival for the victory, saying that he had invited Alberto Fernández to the presidential palace this Monday, in order to discuss an orderly transition. According to Reuters, Fernández has announced to his supporters that he would cooperate with Macri “in every way we can.”

With more than 97% of the votes counted so far, newly elected president Alberto Fernández secured 48.1% of the votes, against 40.4% of Mauricio Macri’s. 

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