Chile has the best HDI ranking position among Latin American countries

The country achieved the 42nd position in the worldwide ranking made by the United Nations Development Programme

Chile leads HDI ranking among Latin American countries
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  • Chile leads the Latin American countries ranking, followed by Argentina and Uruguay
  • Brazil and Mexico suffered a decrease in its positions in relation to the previous year report

The United Nations Development Programme released today the current HDI report with 2018 data. Chile leads the ranking in the region in the 42nd position, followed by Argentina (48) and Uruguay (57). On the other hand, Brazil and Mexico, the biggest economies of the region, have lost positions compared to previous years.

Even with a slight growth in relation to the previous year, Brazil decreased one HDI position according to the current report, going from the 78 in the previous year to the 79. Now, the country is tied with Colombia in the 5th HDI position among Latin American countries, both of them are just behind Mexico that is on the 76 worldwide ranking position, decreasing two positions in relation to the previous year results (74). 

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The report is released in annual editions and takes into consideration three main pillars: indicators related to health, education, and earns to classified the countries among those who are very high human development, high human development, medium human development, and low human development. The top 5 Latin American countries in the worldwide ranking figure among the high human development category.  

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