Deloitte research shows confidence among Brazilian entrepreneurs for 2020

Regardless of the economic scenario, the survey revealed the intention of companies to raise investments

Brazilian entrepreneurs are bullish about 2020. According to a survey conducted by multinational firm Deloitte with representatives of more than 1377 companies in Brazil, 70% of Brazilian business owners believe that next year will be a good year for business in the country.

Despite the political scenario, the research points out that most part of the business community in the country intends to raise investments in 2020, especially when it comes to job creation and maintenance. 73% claim that they will invest in employee expansion and training, regardless of the country’s economic scenario, and this figure climbs to 93% if the Brazilian economy improves over the year.

“The result is consistent with other indicators of market expectations,” told Giovanni Cordeiro, chief economist at Deloitte and responsible for the research, to news media outlet Época Negócios. “The result is even more positive than expected.”

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Among other areas of interest, the entrepreneurs are aiming at tech and innovation. While 74% intend to invest in new technologies, 67% plan to launch new products and services and 58% aim at creating or boosting R&D initiatives, regardless of the economic scenario. On the other hand, when considering a possible economic progress, all numbers surpass 80%. 

“The survey reinforces positive expectation, how much Brazilian entrepreneurs are willing to generate investments and create jobs,” says Cordeiro. “There are investments that are a priority, that’s positive. By comparison, it further confirms that 2020 will be a better year. As the year approaches, more projects may gradually come out of paper,” concludes. The research was carried out with companies that, together, represent BRL 3.5 trillion in revenues, half of the national GDP.

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