Mercosur will account for 53% of imports made by the European Union in the agricultural sector by 2030

Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay will benefit the most from the sector's agreements

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A study by the European Union concluded that the agricultural sector of the Mercosur countries (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay) will be the main beneficiary of the trade agreements made by the European Union, reported the newspaper Valor Econômico.

It is estimated that imports made by the European Union under 12 trade agreements will reach € 38.8 billion, of which more than half of that amount, € 20.4 billion, will be spent on Mercosur products.

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However, according to the report, Mercosur already leads the agri-food exports to the European market and, although the forecast is positive, sales will not grow as much as they could. The explanation would be a European Union strategy to increase agri-food exports from Europe and have more restrained increases in imports.

Valdis Dombrovski, vice president in charge of trade in the European Union, told Valor Econômico that Europe seeks a balance “between offering more export possibilities for European producers, while protecting them from the potentially harmful effects of increased imports.”

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