Mexican Finance Minister resigns his position on the government and Arturo Herrera is named the successor

Arturo Herrera the new Finance Minister of Mexico
  • Disagreements about public policy decisions made Carlos Urzua quit their position as Mexico’s Finance Minister.
  • AMLO has already named the successor: Arturo Herrera, well-known in the market as a competent economic manager.

Carlos Urzua, Mexico‘s Finance Minister, has just quit his position in the Mexican government. Until now he was the highest official of AMLO’s team to resign, according to Reuters

Urzua himself commented on the reasons for his resignation on his official Twitter account, explaining that insufficient justification for public policy decisions was the main reason for his disagreement.

Differences on economic issues, there were many. Some of them happened because in this administration public policy decisions were made without sufficient foundation,” Carlos Urzua wrote on Twitter.

The resignation of the Finance Minister has a direct impact on economic issues. After the resignation announcement, the national currency, the Mexican peso, has already fallen over 2%, prompting Mexico’s President to quickly nominate a successor for the job.

Well-known by investors in the country as a competent economic manager, Arturo Herrera has officially accepted the position in AMLO’s government.

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