Sales during Cyber Monday in Brazil reach BRL 303.9 million, 31.5% more than in 2018

The top-selling product category, in number of orders, was fashion and accessories

The popular shopping date that follows Black Friday – Cyber Monday – has long crossed the US frontiers to reach other markets. In Brazil, the promotions during the date, that this year took place this Monday, 2, has already become popular and reached 31.5% more in revenues in comparison to 2018. 

This year’s edition, according to information estimated by Clearsale‘s company Compre & Confie and provided by news media outlet Valor Investe, generated BRL 303.9 million in sales, and almost 665 thousand orders – a 25.4% growth year over year. These numbers refer to data computed until 5 pm of this Monday, 2.

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Among the top-selling product categories, considering the number of orders, the leading sector was fashion and accessories, followed by a category comprising books and CDs (entertainment), and beauty care products and perfumes. 

During this weekend, the period between Black Friday and Cyber Monday when several retailers keep their promotions and discounts; e-commerce sales have reached BRL 1.15 billion in revenues, 21% more than in the same period of last year, as showed information from Ebit | Nielsen. As for the average ticket, Cyber Monday has registered a slower increase of 4.9%, with the average value of purchases reaching BRL 457.10.

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