Uruguay to elect a right-wing president this Sunday

After 15 years, the left-wing coalition should leave the post of the presidency for the National Party's candidate Luis Lacalle Pou

Uruguay elections, National Party's candidate Luis Lacalle Pou Photo: Matilde Campodonico / AP

Since 2005 in the power, the left-wing Broad Front coalition is likely to leave the post of president in Uruguay this Sunday, when the country decides the future of politics in the polls.

Daniel Martínez, from the Broad Front, and Luis Lacalle Pou, from the National Party, face each other in this week’s election, with the probable victory of right-wing candidate Lacalle Pou, polling at 52% against Martínes, polling at 41%, according to what indicates the surveys.

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Security matters and the increasing unemployment are among the main concerns of Uruguayans, which led to a decay of the Broad Front coalition and opened space to the right-wing agenda to gain ground in the country. Expected to run a market-friendly administration, the National Party candidate should reduce the public expenses and the government’s intervention in the economy. 

Amidst a political turmoil in the region, the Uruguayan election will fuel the polarization in Latin America, with Argentina’s bringing back the Peronism, the resignation of Evo Morales in Bolivia, and the recent protests in Chile and Colombia. 

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