The great majority of Brazilians are familiar with biometric authentication, says Visa

The rate is higher than in the United States, where 59% of consumers knew about this method

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A Visa study shows that 87% of the Brazilians who have a credit card are already familiar with biometric authentication–higher than in the United States, where 59% of consumers knew about this method.

In the second edition, the survey conducted with 500 credit card holders in the country brought results very similar to a survey made in the United States and Latin America.

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The study shows that, despite the impressive growth of e-commerce in the country, the use of traditional authentication methods, such as passwords, still limit the potential of the digital channels, reducing purchases or access to online stores.

Only 30% of Brazilians use a unique password for each account, but most of them do not.

Regarding voice or facial recognition, 16% said they had used each of these modalities. Among Brazilian consumers, fingerprint recognition has a similar level of use to Latin Americans, while other forms are less widely used.

In general, biometrics is considered safer than traditional methods, with fingerprint being the method with the highest security perception (95%). Followed by iris (90%), facial (86%) and venal (84%) recognition.

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