Brazilian film producer O2 Filmes shoots remote video about the pandemic

The award-winning film producer, responsible for the acclaimed movie "City of God", reflects on social isolation times with new release. Watch the video:

Photo: O2 Filmes/ Courtesy

One of the greatest Brazilian film production companies, O2 Filmes has launched a new video that approaches the pandemic’s scenario in Brazil from a thoughtful perspective.

Called “From up here everything appears normal” (Aqui do alto tudo parece normal, in the Portuguese version), the non-profit production was carried out remotely by O2 professionals, that produced the video during social isolation in the city of São Paulo, with images from São Paulo capital and Cubatão.

This video is a reflection on the moment in which we are living. It was done remotely by all the professionals involved. We signed collectively without distinction of role (…) everyone has worked without profit, just out of the desire to express ourselves.

Director and producer Rodrigo Pesavento in a press release

O2 Filmes cofounder and producer Fernando Meirelles directed the acclaimed “City of God”, recently mentioned by IMDB website as one of the five best films of the decade, as well as “The Constant Gardener” and 2019 Netflix original “Two Popes.”

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