Correios' postal workers have to resume work as of Tuesday, decides Brazilian Justice

Postal workers will evaluate the trial's result at meetings scheduled for this Tuesday and decide whether or not to return to work

The President of today's trial, Luiz Philippe Vieira de Mello Filho, Minister of the Superior Labor Court. Photo: Screenshot
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  • Ministers also decided not to declare the employees’ strike abusive, which the state-owned company had required;
  • The Brazilian Superior Labor Court (TST) also defined that the readjustment of workers’ wages will be 2.60%.

The Brazilian Superior Labor Court (TST) ruled that Correios’ postal workers – on strike since August 17 – must return to work on Tuesday (22), under penalty of a fine of BRL 100,000 per day.

Ministers also decided not to declare the employees’ strike abusive, which the state-owned company had required. Thus, half of the strike days will be deducted from the employees’ wages and the other half should be compensated.

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During the trial by videoconference, the TST also decided that 20 social clauses (without economic impacts for the company) must be maintained from the previous agreement, contrary to the desire of the rapporteur Kátia Arruda. She defended the maintenance of all historical clauses achieved by the category.

Photo: Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil

TST also defined that the readjustment of workers’ wages will be 2.60%. Besides, changes were made to the text to guarantee assistance benefits to workers.

After two attempts at resolving the conflict between the company and its employees, Minister Kátia Arruda said, during the trial, she appointed, that “the uncompromising posture of Correios caused workers to strike as a last resort”.

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During the trial, Correios’ lawyer, Mariana Scandiuzzi, reported that the strike caused losses to the state-owned company that worsened the negative cash flow. The company projected a loss of BRL 294 million if the previous clauses, expired by the decision of the Supreme Federal Court, were maintained. She further argued the company’s financial inability to maintain the benefits of previous agreements.

In contact with LABS, Emerson Marinho, a press officer for Fentect (the federation of mailmen’s unions), said the workers will evaluate the trial at meetings previously scheduled for this Tuesday. He further stated that the judiciary disregarded the rapporteur’s assessment and that Fentect regrets the outcome of the trial “which led to the loss of the guarantee of clauses that are more than 10 years in effect”.

In a statement, Correios said on its behalf that it will continue to execute the business continuity plan, with delivery efforts, including on weekends and holidays, to reduce the effects of the partial stoppage of employees to the population.

“Since July, Correios has sought to negotiate the terms of the Collective Labor Agreement 2020/2021, to strengthen the company’s finances and preserve its sustainability. It became clear that agreements of this nature must reflect the context in which they are produced and are in line with current legislation. The company will now make every effort to restore the efficiency indices of products and services, considered essential, at a time when the Brazilian population needs it most”.

(Updated at 8:37 am on 9/22)

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