COVID-19: Jair Bolsonaro criticizes isolation measures adopted by governors; Brazil reaches 287,795 deaths

Brazil is the second in the world in a number of cases and deaths due to COVID-19; states try to intensify social isolation to avoid worsening health service breakdowns

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro puts a mask.
Photo: Antonio Scorza/Shutterstock

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro filed a lawsuit with the Federal Supreme Court to try to overturn measures imposed by governors to control the spread of the coronavirus. Bolsonaro shared information during live streaming. He asks that the decrees adopted by the Federal District, Bahia and Rio Grande do Sul be suspended.

Bolsonaro asks the Supreme Court to annul some measures adopted by governors, such as restricting mobility at certain times and restricting the sale of non-essential products, such as alcoholic beverages and others. The government claims that these measures are not legally supported by Brazilian law and that, even in the case of proven sanitary need, the closure of non-essential services cannot be determined by decree, but only by law.

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Governors of several states – and not just the Federal District, Bahia and Rio Grande do Sul – have adopted similar restrictive measures to try to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and prevent the worsening of the health crisis that Brazil already faces, with overcrowded hospitals and lack ICU beds and medications.

On Friday, Bolsonaro again criticized governors and social isolation measures. The president told supporters in a threatening tone that “he would never adopt the lockdown in Brazil” and that perhaps the federal government will have to “make a tough decision.”

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Bolsonaro also stated that the Brazilian Army will not comply with orders from governors that limit people’s mobility and economic activity.


Bahia‘s governor, Rui Costa, said on Twitter that Bolsonaro acts like an ally of the virus. “I never imagined that Brazil would reach a situation like this, of such lack of responsibility and solidarity. In addition to not help, Bolsonaro is keen to disrupt,” posted Costa.

Rio Grande do Sul‘s governor, Eduardo Leite, released a video in which he says that Bolsonaro is dedicated to conflict and confrontation instead of dedicating himself to getting more vaccines for the country. “The president puts energy in conflict, in confrontation, disregarding the severity of the pandemic when he could be putting all this energy into helping, in getting the vaccine for the population.”

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