Due to a slim margin, Uruguay elections remain to be decided

National Party's candidate Luis Lacalle Pou had 48.74% against 47.48% of left-wing Daniel Martinez

Uruguay's presidential candidate Daniel Martinez of Frente Amplio addresses supporters in Montevideo, Uruguay, on October 27, 2019. Photo: Mariana Greif, REUTERS

Although the surveys pointed at a probable victory of right-wing candidate Luis Lacalle Pou, Uruguay will have to wait a bit more to meet its new president. This Sunday, 24, the run-off presidential election took place in the country, where National Party’s candidate Lacalle Pou faced Daniel Martínez, from the left-wing Broad Front coalition – the party that holds the presidential post since 2005.

Even with 99.4% of polling booths counted, none of the candidates secured a safe margin, with National Party’s Lacalle Pou having 48.74% of the votes, against 47.48% of left-wing Daniel Martinez, from the Broad Front party. Due to this slim gap, the results could be delayed until this Thursday or Friday, while the remaining votes are counted, according to what the electoral court president José Arocena said to the press.

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Following the lack of definition, both candidates expressed caution, saying that they would have to wait to claim victory. Lacalle Pou also expressed that the close result would mean the need of both parties, National Party and Broad Front, to work closely together in the coming days. 

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