Hundreds of Latin Americans returned home after Ukraine's invasion by Russia

Latin American countries are coordinating flights from Ukraine's neighbors such as Romania, Poland, and Hungary.

04/03/2022 Ukraine State Emergency Service Press Service/ via REUTERS

Nearly 250 Ecuadorians, many of them university students, arrived in the country on Friday after fleeing Ukraine after Russia’s invasion, joining hundreds of other fleeing Latin Americans.

Latin American countries have coordinated flights from Ukraine’s neighbors such as Romania, Poland, and Hungary.

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Forty-four Mexicans and 37 people of other nationalities, including seven Ecuadorians, arrived in Mexico on a flight from Romania in the early hours of Friday, the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Colombia said about 248 of its citizens – most of the 293 registered residents of Ukraine – had been evacuated as of Thursday. Another 26 were in the process of leaving.

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Chile says it has two reception centers in Poland, while 31 Peruvians left Ukraine on Wednesday.

On Monday, a Brazilian Air Force (FAB) plane will take off to rescue Brazilians who left Ukraine after the Russian invasion.

Some Brazilians who lived in Ukraine and national athletes got help to leave Ukraine, heading to neighboring countries, shortly after the beginning of the conflict.

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