Netflix announces "AmarElo - É Tudo Pra Ontem", a documentary by Brazilian rapper Emicida

The 90-minute documentary is scheduled for release on December 8.

Emicida's concert at Theatro Municipal. Photo: Jef Delgado/ Netflix
  • AmarElo – É Tudo Pra Ontem is a documentary by Emicida carried out by Laboratório Fantasma, produced by Evandro Fióti and directed by Fred Ouro Preto;
  • The film mixes scenes from Emicida’s concert at the Theatro Municipal to the history of Brazilian black culture;
  • The 90-minute documentary is scheduled for release on December 8.

Netflix announced this Tuesday the production of a new documentary by Brazilian rapper Emicida, called AmarElo – É Tudo Pra Ontem.

Based on the rapper’s concert at Theatro Municipal in Brazil in 2019, the film directed by Fred Ouro Preto explores the production of the Emicida’s AmarElo studio project and, at the same time, the history of Brazilian black culture in the last 100 years, establishing a link between three relevant moments in Brazilian black history: the Modern Art Week of 1922; the founding act of the Unified Black Movement (Movimento Negro Unificado, MNU), in 1978, for the appreciation of the culture and rights of the black people; and AmarElo’s emblematic debut show, which took place in black awareness month, November, 2019.

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“There are four decades that separate our rise to the stage of Theatro Municipal from the meeting of the MNU people on those staircases. So, going up there and shouting ‘thank you, MNU’ to the world is so they know that it is from their struggle that a dreamer like Emicida is born”, says the rapper.

The 90-minute documentary is scheduled for release on December 8, 2020. Netflix and Laboratório Fantasma will also have a second project, which will be launched in 2021.

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