5G technology will go through a call for bids and might raise up to BRL20 billion for the Brazilian government

5G will be available from 2021 in large cities, says regulator agency board member

  • The public tender is expected to happen in March 2020
  • Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency projects that 5G will be available in major urban centers as early as 2021

Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) has announced the date to launch the call for bids for 5G technology in the country: March 2020. According to local newspaper Estadão, BRL10 billion of the total amount might be addressed to investments, and the other half to the government’s coffers (through licenses for using the bands), says Vicente Aquino, the reporting commissioner in charge of the notice for the call for bids.

In an interview to Estadão, Aquino claims that the more investment obligations are placed on companies, such as coverage in more isolated areas, the lower will be the government revenue. Currently, there are 19 million homes with satellite dishes in Brazil – and such signal transmitters suffer interferences from 5G technology, another issue that must be addressed in the government’s notice. 

Expected to reach a connection speed 20 times faster than the current 4G, this technology promises to completely shift the market.

Fifth generation technology is not just a 4G evolution, but a proposal that goes beyond simply increasing capacity, speed and data flow. I would call the 5G the fourth industrial revolution. Mobile broadband will reach an impressive speed. Our life will change completely. We will have digital cities. Industry will be modernized, GDP will grow,” explained Aquino in the interview. 

In the public service, hospitals will benefit from surgeries being performed remotely, due to networks high reliability. We will have self-driving vehicles, trains, buses. Supermarkets and clinics connected. The 5G will place people in the digital society, where everything will work interconnected. There is nothing bad about it. Our history will be split in before 5G and after,” further stated the government’s board member of regulatory agency ANATEL

5G connectivity will be available in large cities starting from 2021, according to Aquino, and expectations are set to reach more distant places in the span of three more years. 

Besides the satellite dishes, other issues that must be discussed in the call for bids notice include municipal laws jurisdiction and the characteristics of each place, given that Brazil has some areas still without 4G coverage. But since President Bolsonaro‘s administration is quite in favor of new technologies, ANATEL is convinced that the process will keep moving forward. The government is currently consulting on a national policy for the 5G development.

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