Amazon is making possible the use of biometric information alone to pay for purchases in Whole Food

Neither smartphones, nor a physical credit card will be needed

Amazon Biometric Payments
  • Amazon is developing a biometric payment system that will allow customers to pay for their purchases by waving to a scanner
  • The system was developed because Amazon believes that face recognition may be creepy for customers
  • The biometric payment is being tested with Amazon employees and the rollout is expected for the beginning of 2020 in selected Whole Food stores

In a matter of innovation, Amazon is far ahead of most global companies, and the giant is proving it one more time. According to the New York Post, the company is testing a hand biometric payment system that allows customers to pay for their orders just by using their hands, with no smartphone, nor a credit card. 

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And if you are thinking about pressing your hands on the machine to recognize biometric information, I should probably tell you that this product is more innovative than you thought. The customer will only need to wave their hand for a scanner and that’s it. The system is capable of retrieving the information without contact. 

According to the New York Post, Amazon believes that customers could find the face recognition system creepy, and that’s the reason they decided to create the biometric system with the wave solution, making it more friendly.

For now, the system is being tested with Amazon’s employees on snacks machines, and the rollout is planned for the beginning of 2020 on selected Whole Foods stores in the U.S. If customers become well-adapted to the new solution, the biometric payment system will be expanded to other of the brand’s stores. 

Since the solution is still at a testing phase, Amazon hasn’t planned an official launch date for the solution outside the U.S. 

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