Apple vs. Samsung: The up's and down's of the tech-giants in Q3

The battlefield of the tech market is more competitive than ever and here's why

Apple and Samsung Q3 earnings
Apple and Samsung Q3 earnings

Once upon a time, a company with an iconic creative leader called Steve Jobs invented a whole new concept for smartphones making them more than simply helpful devices, but objects of desire. At that time, iPhone owned the crown since it was always the first option when someone decided to buy a smartphone worldwide, despite the expensive pricing. But nothing lasts forever, and today Apple faces great challenges, Samsung is currently the biggest. 

If some years ago iPhone was definitely the first and only answer for favorite smartphone, now, besides having a decentralized market with several possible answers, Samsung’s Galaxy devices are as powerful and desired as iPhone. 

Samsung has put all its technological efforts in the past few years to achieve the goal of prooving to the loyal iPhone users that other brands could actually make a new smartphone as innovative as Apple does. And the South Korean just did it. 

But it doesn’t mean that it has been an easy journey, just the opposite. Both tech-giants are currently competing to offer the best features, gadgets and won the biggest audience. The final answer to who gets the leader position at these markets is far from coming, but still that we keep following the daily battles and taking benefit of this innovative challenge. 

It hasn’t all been good for Samsung

Even with increasing its sales by 10% in relation to the previous quarter, Samsung was all about bad news during Q3. The company registered a decrease of 56% in profit in relation to the same period of last year, reaching $ 6.7 billion from the $ 15.1 billion achieved in the same period of the previous year. 

When the matter is the sales amount, the results aren’t more exciting, the company announced a felt of 5% in relation to the previous year. 

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The new smartphone Galaxy Note 10 was the biggest positive highlight during the period, having an expressive sales number and helping the company to get more space in this market, but it was not enough to save the overall numbers. 

Apple has a lot to celebrate 

At this round of the tech-giants competition, Apple was undoubtedly the winner. The company exceeded the market expectations by reaching a revenue of $ 64 billion, $ 1 billion more than what was pointed out on the forecasts. Even so, iPhone wasn’t the highlight of the quarter and the product revenue felt one more time.  

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The decision of having a diversified product portfolio was the biggest responsible for changing the game for Apple, not being all dependent on the iPhone is making the company more profitable. At this quarter, the company’s wearables business was the revelation with products such as Apple Watch and AirPods earbuds becoming almost as important as Apple Mac product line.  

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