Brands are betting on TikTok to attract Brazilian consumers

Guaraná Antarctica is among the most engaged brands with the social media platform in the country

With the milestone of more than 1.5 billion downloads reached last November, surpassing giants like Instagram and Facebook, TikTok success has not only been catching the eyes of several users, but has also been gaining the attention of some brands that are willing to target the app’s audience. And particularly in Brazil, this has been gaining ground day after day.

Guaraná Antarctica, Amaro and KitKat are among the brands that have their official TikTok accounts in the country as an effort to raise brand awareness and promote their products in a platform that is becoming a big hit among a younger audience. With 107 published videos, the popular soda brand has 55.5 thousand followers on its account.

“Brands can now link their TikTok content with hashtags of their choice, partnering freely with creators, but all actions have an organic impact. We are also exploring a wide range of monetization opportunities for brands and creators, and are looking to test different formats later on,” said Rafaela Furtado, head of TikTok’s Latin America strategic partnerships, in an interview with Mobile Time.

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Unlike other social media apps, on TikTok, the content that prevails are videos with a humorous and funny tone, something that is probably what explains the great fit with millennials and Gen Z users. And is by following this trend, that brands are seeking to engage with this audience. “At its core, TikTok is a platform for creative, fun and positive experiences, and the brands we see most successful are those that embrace the creativity and authenticity of the TikTok community. For example, we recently partnered with the Brazilian brand Guaraná Antarctica for their #ÉCoisaNossa campaign,” stated TikTok community manager in Brazil, Rodrigo Barbosa, to the media outlet.

The video-sharing app is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance and is pointed out as a big trend for social media in 2020. “TikTok is the platform to watch in 2020. After hitting one billion downloads in 2019, we can expect it to continue its meteoric rise in 2020 thanks to aggressive marketing campaigns and investment in geographic expansion,” highlighted Adrian Bravo, regional lead for Latin America at marketing Saas company Socialbakers, in a recent interview with LABS

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