After a year, Brazilian conductor is playing the piano again thanks to bionic gloves

Gloves made with steel rods attached to a carbon fiber plate were made by Brazilian artisan Ubiratã Bizarro Costa

Brazilian conductor is playing the piano again thanks to bionic gloves
Photo: Instagram/João Carlos Martins
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The Brazilian pianist and conductor João Carlos Martins, of 79 years old, is playing the piano again. The conductor had said goodbye to his favorite musical instrument a year ago, due to a tumor in his left hand and complications from an accident at a soccer game years ago, which resulted in the nerve rupture and loss of movement of his right hand.

The Brazilian artist’s return to the piano is due to the bionic gloves developed by the artisan, also Brazilian, Ubiratã Bizarro Costa, 55 years old, also known as Bira. The story was told this Sunday by the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper, by Ricardo Kotscho.

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According to the publication, Bira’s first prototype was made on a 3D printer, using photos and videos of the conductor playing. Weeks after having broken the first prototype from playing so much, the conductor invited the craftsman to his home to make adjustments to a new prototype, now based on the artist’s real experience.

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“With steel rods on the dices, which act as springs, attached to a carbon fiber plate, the mechanical gloves covered with neoprene cost Bira (nickname of Ubiratã) BRL 500 ($119)”, wrote Kotscho.

Four days ago, Martins posted a video on his profile on Instagram. Check it out:

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