Brazilian Globoplay and Disney+ partner up to tackle streaming rivals in the country

Disney+ also made pre-order available from Tuesday to Disney+'s debut eve in Latin America (November 16th) in which the firm is offering discount on the annual subscription

Disney+ is valued in $100 billion
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  • Disney+ arrives in Latin America on November 17th;
  • The service has partnered up with Globoplay, Vivo, Amazon, Bradesco and MercadoLibre so far.

The streaming industry in Brazil is about to be more competitive as Globoplay, owned by Grupo Globo, the leading media group in Latin America, and Disney+, partner up to offer a single signature for both services. The initiative is part of Disney+ efforts to gain traction in a country where Netflix has the largest subscriber base (20 million).

The companies announced a subscription that will start at BRL 37.90 ($6,58) per month. Sales will begin on November 17th, when Disney+ arrives in Brazil.

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On Tuesday, Disney+ also made pre-order available in Latin America. The regular subscription will cost BRL 27.90 ($4,85) per month in Brazil. But with the annual pre-order subscription (BRL 237.90), Disney is offering a discount equal to BRL 19.82 ($3,44) per month.

Partnerships in Latin America to gain scale

As reported by Mobile Time, Disney’s streaming service also made a subscription partnership with the telecom carrier Vivo in Brazil. And even Amazon will offer its streaming services in a single subscription with Disney+ for BRL 27.25 per month.

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Bradesco bank and its fintech Next are also offering up to six months of free subscription through their cards. The Argentine e-commerce giant Mercado Libre has also made a teaser of its partnership with Disney+ informing that its customers may have up to six months of free subscription to the streaming platform, depending on their level in MercadoLibre. Payment for the platform must take place by card and from the balance available in the Mercado Pago’s digital wallet or via Brazilian boleto.

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